Saturday, July 31, 2010


Lovely Wife and I went on a vacation a couple months ago. We went to Grand Cayman for a week to get some sun and relax a little. We had a great time but I must caution my American friends that driving on the other side of the road in a country with a friggin roundabout at every intersection can be a little freaky.

I had called ahead to ask if scooter rentals would be an appropriate mode of transportation on the island and the concierge assured me that if we chose to rent them, we should probably head them straight for the hospital. Heeding her advice, we instead rented a rollerskate of a car called a Suzuki Ignis. Now, I am by no means a small person and the Ignis cringed when it saw Lovely and I approaching with all our luggage. The guy at the rental place was really nice and didn't seem bothered by my lack of confidence in my left-hand driving skills.

Before we set out on our adventure he did offer one piece of advice that apparently fell on deaf ears..."The traffic comes at you from the other side." I probably nodded some sort of half-assed acknowledgement to this statement and proceeded on my merry way, 75 feet,to the end of his parking lot where our vacation very nearly ended in a most painful and unpleasant way. Thanks to the quick thinking of Lovely and her ability to scream in my ear from around 3 inches away, we weren't smashed by a large truck that was coming from, wait for it...the wrong side! (Great, now we have no chance at all to win the coveted award for the shortest car rental in the history of ruined vacations.) After that first near death experience our vacation went... well, swimmingly seems an appropriate adjective.

We stayed at a lovely resort on the east side of the island called The Reef. Great people very relaxed atmosphere and lots of rum drinks to take the edge off the heat. We went snorkelling every day and drank too much and I got to take a nap every afternoon. (Yea!)

We did venture over to Six Mile beach one day (tourists and cruise ships and tee-shirts oh my!) to shop and look around. We went for a short sail (complete with rum punch) to play with some stingrays another day which was really awesome.

In a nutshell, it was a fun and relaxing vacation, but that one sentence would have made a pretty boring blog post, don't cha think?

Friday, July 30, 2010


Hi to all my blogbuds out there in bloggville! I have so missed all of you that i cant really stand it any longer and simply must friggin write something...even if its dumb. I miss you all so much and I must admit that I havent been on here for
a- hwhile. the H was intentional because I like the way it sounds. maybe some people think of their blog posts as typewritten words but I prefer to think of mine in a more verbal or audible sense. see they're funnier now huh? maybe not and this is probably the only time I will think of it that way. I have been on a hiatus from blogging for some time and maybe this will be my coming back post...or maybe not. My main point is that i miss you all and I want to say hello and give you all a blog-hug or something. (blog-high-five to the guys cause well sorry i dont go that way). I re-ah-lized (see there i did it again) that you all mean a lot to me in some way and I felt that I needed to recognize you in a post. For those of you who have e-mailed me during my blogcation you are indeed a special group. if anyone should stumble onto this post I hope they go to my list of blogs followed and read and interact with my bleeps. you guys are awesome and you know it...if ever you are in doubt of the wonderful-ness of yourselves, fear not for you are indeed the shiznit! (that means i think youre cool). In any case I am trying a comeback so bear with me if you can stand it. Im what you might call a debutant to blogging. Crap, I hope I dont have to buy a new dress. Just kidding, I almost never wear dresses. ok once I wore ......never mind I was drunk and hungry for a pizza (if lovely wife is reading this she is laughing cause she knows the story). Hugs to you all and I hope to write more tomorrow, or Monday whichever comes first.