Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is It Wrong...?

Is it wrong that I drink beer while I watch "Intervention" on A&E ?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 Pounds

So today I was interviewed for a documentary about my son who recently passed away. It will be on the college tv station and I am told that the tv camera adds 10 pounds...I hope it was pointed at my junk!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey "Bleeps"

It's me...no really it is. So just wanted to say hi to you all and let you know I still think of you often and read your posts whenever I can. I have been pretty busy lately doing stuff, going back to work,etc...but I haven't forgotten you guys. Keep writing because you are all so awesome.

I almost had a funny post worked out in my head about Horatio on CSI Miami but it was way funnier in my head than it was typed out. (probably due to the fact that typed out you all can't see me taking my sunglasses off everytime I talk to you while slightly skewing my body to reveal only my "good" side to the camera.) Plus it's really hard to type in a serious tone all the time. Just once I want to hear Horatio tell the team he needs to visit the little boys room to take a dump...in his serious, whispery, somewhat mysterious voice. (body turned slightly to left) "I have to poop Callie, indeed, and poop I shall! (shifting to right and removing sunglasses) Mr. Wolff, hold my sunglasses."

Thats pretty much the direction the post was taking when I scrapped it. Have a lovely day my Bleeps!