Sunday, January 13, 2013

Candy is Dandy

Hey's really me! I have missed you all and I had an idea for a post so here I am!

I LOVE Smarties. You know the little candies popular around Halloween? Small round things wrapped in plastic? Not to be confused with the Canadian Smarties which are more like a Skittles and come in a box. I may be addicted to Smarties. They are my crack, or heroin, or whatever the latest kick is. I love their look, their ease of packing into my grip (a grip is a bag carried by railroad types) and I even love the crinkly sound the empty wrappers make, but I have to admit it also means there are none left so it's kind of sad too.

There are a lot of reasons to love Smarties. The way they crunch in my mouth and the deliciousness of their processed sugary selves...mmm! And they are multi colored but pretty much all taste the same...good! There are exactly 15 Smarties in each little wrapper and to my surprise there are 15 Smarties pictured on each little wrapper.(truth in advertising) Because there are always 15 in a wrapper, I have found that there are a number of ways to enjoy my Smarties. I can have them 1 at a time, I can have them in 5 groups of 3, I can have them in 3 groups of 5 or, what has become my very favorite way to eat them, I can have them 1...2...3...4...5! Delicious and fun to eat! (I do recall a guy eating the whole package at once but I cant recommend it) I suppose there are several more ways to group the Smarties for eating but I don't want to do math tonight.

 I saw a package of giant Smarties at a candy store once and decided to give them a try but sadly they just weren't the same. The size was off as was the flavor. They tasted more like a Sweet-Tart but in a giant size. Boring! I'm not exactly sure about the calories and carbs and other nutritional info of a package of Smarties but I am pretty sure you can eat all of them you want and not die or get super fat. I hope not anyway because I eat the hell out of them.

 Thats my post...I love Smarties and I am not ashamed to admit it. In other news, I am still in Kansas and still work on the railroad. His Majesty the cat is alive and well after a bout with cancer and a 900 dollar vet bill. My girlfriend has moved in with her 2 cats who do not get along with His Majesty. Her cats are females and young like teenagers. Full of energy,cute, playful and curious. My cat is a grumpy old man who has very little interest in anything that involves him getting off the sofa. Wow our pets really do become like us!! I hope to start putting my nonsense on here for you all to yawn at again and I look forward to catching up on all of your posts as well. Glad to be back (maybe) and hugs to you all!

 Okay, I previewed this post and there are no margins or paragraphs or